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What we do

Our mission

trainingwshopDakarCCComDev serves as a hub for knowledge sharing on communication applied to agriculture and rural development issues such as family farming, climate change, food security, natural resources management, disaster risk management. 

By fostering the exchange of ComDev experiences, methodologies and policy options, we aim to develop communication capacities, build online and offline networks, and strengthen partnerships. 

We strive to involve different actors - ranging from farmer, civil society and indigenous people organizations to rural institutions, universities, research and development organizations - to support the creation of a global community of practice able to maximize the potential of communication for sustainable agriculture and rural development.

Our work

We broker information about learning needs and training opportunities in ComDev worldwide. Our ever growing ComDev library includes a wide collection of knowledge resources such as learning tools, technical papers, case studies and briefs, including the Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook. Interesting audio-video materials and presentations are also found in our multimedia gallery.

We regularly share news and updates about ComDev initiatives, events and opportunities, documenting local and international ComDev stories and supporting the systematization of lessons learned. 

Our ComDev community is an interactive feature meant to facilitate social networking and stimulate technical debates, policy dialogue, innovative learning modalities and concrete collaboration. This is closely linked to the FCCM working group and to existing regional ComDev platforms





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